How to get there


If you are arriving by car from Bilbao, Madrid or Barcelona, take the Amara entrance, and you will find the hotel front across the bridge over the river Urumea. If you are arriving from Irún-France, Loiola entrance, just entering San Sebastián you will see the hotel on the right, across the river.

If you arriving by plane , you can land at the airports Bilbao (Loiu), San Sebastián-Hondarribia or Biarritz.

From Loiu-Bilbao Airport, there is a bus every half hour (www.pesa.net) to the San Sebastián Bus Station, with a journey time of just over an hour. From Biarritz Airport , there are direct buses (www.pesa.net) to San Sebastián Bus Station.

From San Sebastián-Hondarribia airport, you can take a taxi or bus, the E21 Hondarribia-Aeropuerto-Donostia (departs every hour or hour and a half) in front of the airport, which will take you to Donostia Bus Station, just a ten-minute walk from Hotel Arrizul Urumea. To get to San Sebastián-Hondarribia airport, the bus stop is next to the hotel.  From Biarritz airport, there are direct buses to San Sebastián. (www.pesa.net).

Whether arriving by train at Renfe Station, or by bus to the new Bus Station (next to the train station), you can walk to the hotel. Both are within a 10-minute walk.

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